Woman’s Guide to Dressing with a broken ankle

Just because you broke your ankle doesn’t mean that the world stopped turning. The same can be said for the fashion world. When you find yourself on crutches, fashion may not be the highest concern on your list. But after a few days or a week of recovery, you want to go back out into the world and you will want to look like you fit in. Part of recovery is feeling good and part of feeling good is looking good. Here are a few tips for dressing with a broken ankle.

Tip#1: Start with Shoes

What woman doesn’t love a good shoe, right? When it comes to broken ankle recovery, the right shoes are even more important than before. You will only need one shoe while you recover, but it needs to be the right shoe. You might want to find something fashionable, but it also needs to be something comfortable and safe. Build your outfit around the shoe that works best for the recovery process.

Tip#2: Make Cuts

If your closet is overflowing with items that you don’t normally wear, but think that you will someday, that elusive “someday” has arrived. Take some of those items and cut them up to fit your ankle cast. You might cut off pants or create slits in the sides to make room for your new cast accessory. You can get rid of those clothes and add room to your closet once the recovery process is over.

Tip#3: Mix it Up

If you usually find your comfort zone in jeans, it might be time to make a change. Knee length skirts might be easier to get in and out of and even move around in than jeans and other pants. Mix up your wardrobe and grab the items that not only look nice, but also work well.

Tip#4: Creative Accessories

Most women love accessories of many different kinds. And when you have a cast around a broken ankle, you have options outside of the normal rings, earrings, purses and so on. Now, you can enjoy the Cover My Cast to keep your cast clean and fashionable in a number of different patterns and colors. You can even get decals like Casttoos for your cast to give it more personality. You never have to tire of the way your cast looks when you can change it up.