What should you be for halloween when you’re on crutches?

halowenCrutches can be cumbersome around Halloween for many different reasons.  You know it’s harder to get from place to place so trick or treating will not be a breeze this year.  But even just your costume alone might be hindered because of the crutches.

You know you don’t have a choice; you have to take your crutches along with you while you enjoy the Halloween festivities.  But there are a few ways you can make them fit in rather than stand out.  One way is to simply create a costume that needs crutches, or can at least hide them in some way or another.  Here are a few ideas.


When you are Frankenstein, a zombie, a vampire, or anything else scary, you could go out in your normal costume, but having crutches will actually accentuate the idea.  Not only will you look like an injured version of the monster, but you can also decorate your crutches with spider webs and fake spiders to make them look like part of the background of your costume.  They will fit in better and, if your cast or injury isn’t showing, they might even look like part of the costume instead of a necessity.


If you want to be a dog, a cat, octopus, or even a spider, you need more than two legs.  You may only have one leg to utilize at the moment, but the crutches can be decorated as two other legs and you can even have legs coming out of other parts of your body if you need more than 4 appendages.  Extra legs are a great way to hide crutches and they are easy to make.  Just wrap material around the crutches and glue fur to it or choose the right color of material to make it blend in.


There are many ways to receive injuries so you can use a lot of different costumes to tie your injury into the day.  You could be a football player or another sports person or you could be a war veteran.  You could be an accident victim, an injured Olympian, or even a doctor who got injured on the job.  Many of the costumes on the market will still work, even with your injury.  As long as you are willing to play up your injury and pretend to be the injured version of the person, you can make your crutches fit in quite well.