What Does Non-Weight Bearing NWB Mean?

Do you Have Weight Bearing Restrictions?

You may be confused about what “Weight Bearing” or “Non-Weight Bearing” really means.  After surgery on one of your lower extremities, your doctor may limit the amount of weight you can place on your operated leg.  It is neccessary to restrict this because your bone needs proper time to heal.  Also, if you had any hardware placed during surgery, it will need to stay in the proper position.  You may be confused about what the proper types of weight bearing restrictions are and how to perform them.  Check out the information below to help you be better informed!

Non-Weight Bearing (NWB)

This term refers to NO weight being placed on a lower extremity.  This is the most restrictive weight bearing limitation.  Because this restriction prevents you from placing any weight on the leg, you will need the assistance from a medical device to help you be mobile. And the best crutches for non weight-bearing is all you need. That offers unmatched mobility, stability and freedom.

Partial-Weight Bearing (PWB)

 The term “Partial-Weight Bearing” means that your doctor will only allow you to place a portion of your weight on the healing extremity.  You can check how much weight you are putting on your leg by weighing yourself and dividing by two.  Then stand on the scale with your injured leg on the scale and your uninjured leg off the scale.  See how much weight shows up on the scale.  If it is half of your weight or less, your Partial-Weight Bearing.  Since your restricted from your full weight bearing, your doctor will most likely want you to have a cane, Knee Walker, or crutches to help you walk without loosing your balance.  Make a mental note and limit the pressure placed on your injured leg while walking.

Toe Touch Weight Bearing

This Weight-Bearing term refers to “toes only” touching the ground.  This is mainly for balance purposes if your put in a cast or boot.  No significant amount of weight should be placed on your injured leg.  Because of this, a medical assistance device will again be recommended for your to walk.

Full Weight Bearing

This term is self explanatory.  There would be no restrictions to the amount of weight you could put on your injured extremity.  Thus, assistive devices wouldn’t be neccessary unless you wanted to rest your leg as needed.