Trick or Treating Made Easy on Alternatives to Crutches

When you are on your crutches, you may not look forward to the Halloween holiday as much this year.  After all, you are imagining a night out with your family, attempting to hobble from house to house in order to take your children trick or treating.  Or, even worse, you are imagining a night at home alone due to the fact that you do not believe you can hack it out on the streets gathering candy with your kids as normal.  If your crutches are holding you back from your normal Halloween festivities, take a look at how easy trick or treating can be on alternatives to crutches.

The Hands Free Crutch

The hands free crutch is a device that you strap right to your injured leg and, with your knee bent, use to walk much like normal.  You do not have to use your hands to balance yourself and you can keep all of your weight off your injury.  When you use the hands free crutch to trick or treat with your kids, not only can you keep up with their pace, but you will also have your hands free to carry their coats, extra candy, a flashlight, or whatever other items you have alone for the evening adventure.

The Knee scooter ( knee walker)

The knee scooter is a device on wheels on which you place your knee in order to roll yourself between the houses in your neighborhood.  You will not be able to go upstairs using the device, but you can easily wait at the bottom of the porch while your children gather their candy and prepare to move on to the next house.  On the best knee scooter, you can easily keep up or possibly even surpass your children’s pace since you have wheels and they likely do not.  Plus, you have a handy basket on the front of the walker to help you carry any of the items you need to bring along.

The Seated Scooter

If your injury is fresh, the seated scooter might be the best option.  This device, like the Knee Walker, is on wheels and allows you to scoot yourself between the houses in your neighborhood.  The difference is that you will be seated while you move around.  You can conserve your energy while still enjoying the night’s festivities at the same time.  You will also still have the basket on the front available for the items you might need to bring along.  And, if your youngest gets tired, you might even be able to give him a ride on your lap.

Once you use your choice of the alternatives to crutches to trick or treat this year, you might find that some aspects of the devices are so handy you actually want them around the following year, even after you are fully recovered.  At the very least, you will be grateful not to have missed out on the annual fun of Halloween that you and your children so greatly enjoy.