Top 6 Ways to Help a Non-Weight Bearing Mom with Christmas Dinner

It’s that time of year again. Time for the family to gather around a perfectly cooked prime rib. You can smell the wonderful scent of pie baking already, right? But wait! Mom had foot surgery! She only has one leg to stand on, quite literally. Is she going to be able to pull off the meal you’ve always loved and enjoyed? Probably not. At least not without help. Here are the top ways you can help a non-weight bearing mom pull off Christmas dinner this year.

1. Take Over

Dinner may not be the same this year, but the nicest thing you can do for mom is take over the meal. That might mean you only bake the pies at home and you order the rest from a restaurant. But as long as mom stays on the track of recovery from foot surgery, the rest really doesn’t matter.

 2. Take Directions

If mom really wants to do as much as she can, but standing in the kitchen is just too tiring for her, offer to be her hands. She can sit in a chair nearby and prop her foot up and tell you want you need to do. You might learn a thing or two and the time you spend together will be something you will always remember.

 3. Allow Others to Participate

Remember when Aunt Hilda asked if she could bring anything last year? And your mother said, no no, I’ve got it! This year, whenever anyone asks what they can bring, give them an assignment! Perhaps save the turkey for yourself and let others bring the mashed potatoes, yams, pies and other goodies. Just because mom usually does all the work doesn’t mean she has to every year. It might even be a new tradition everyone enjoys.

 4. Change it

Sure, you’re all used to a big meal and you have a vision in mind when it comes to the Thanksgiving meal, but does it really have to be that way this year? Mom can’t cook. You can’t make a huge meal like she does. But can you boil water? Maybe you can make spaghetti or something else you feel capable of whipping up. It’s a change, but the important thing is that your family is together and you have plenty of reason to be thankful.

 5. Go out

There are actually quite a few restaurants that offer great Thanksgiving meals at a decent price. You can have all of the things you’re used to having and no one has to do anything. Plus, when you go back home, you don’t even have to clean up.

6. Get her Alternative Mobility Options

If mom really wants to do everything she can to pull off the meal as always, the only way she could possibly consider doing it is on something other than her crutches. Have mom look into the iWALKFree Hands Free Crutch so she can walk around the kitchen much like normal and retain the use of her hands. The Knee Scooter is great for balancing and scooting from place to place. And the Seated Scooter can really help mom conserve her energy while she tries to fit it all in. Any of the options will certainly be easier than crutches, though you should still offer to help in any way she’ll let you!