Top 5 Vacation Destinations while on Crutches

Anywhere on the beach

Resting on the beach is going to be one of the best idea’s when it comes to recovering from surgery. It’s a proven fact that rest and relaxation will help you recover faster.  Try a Cast Cover to keep the sand and water out of your cast.

Bring a large beach umbrella, beach chair, sunscreen and a good book.  Don’t forget lots of water to prevent dehydration. A cooler stocked with healthy snacks such as fruit, nuts, and cheese will keep you nourished as well.  People watching is cheap entertainment while your at the beach.  There is a lot of activity going on that you can watch,  while your resting and recovering.

Go on a Cruise

Embarking on a cruise offers you the ability of lots of entertainment and food options in a convenient location.  You have the option of getting off the cruise ship to see the local entertainment, so if your having a rough day, stay on the ship and find a nice pool-side chaise to rest.  Grab a book and a bottle of sunscreen.  All the other travelers will be excititing for the day so you will have the place to yourself.  Cruise ships are handicap accessible so getting around will be easier than many other vacations.

Spa Vacation

Many “all inclusive” resorts offer many ways to pamper you.  Finding one that offers packages on their services will allow you the freedom to choose.  Massage one day, new haircut the next, maybe a pedicure and facial later in the week.   Sounds like a fabulous vacation to me.  It’s restful and will bring peace to your recovery.   Remember to drink plenty of water after your massage, it cleans the toxins out and prevents dehydration.


Riding in the car will accomodate your needs while recovering from surgery. Ever thought of taking a road trip down Route 66?  How about driving through the Blue Ridge Mountain Range?  There are countless roads to travel!  Bring your favorite CD’s or book on tape and hit the pavement.  If your not able to drive yourself, have your spouse or friend drive, in them dinner.  Don’t forget to your your handicap parking sticker.  Maybe riding in the car isn’t for you and you want an extreme vacation, how about an African safari?  That sounds exciting and can easily be done while recovering from surgery…as long as your don’t have to run for your life from an angry Tiger.

Stay – cation ( stay home vacation)

Sometimes the best vacation are just staying home. Stock up on your favorite movies or a book  you’ve been wanting to read. The most important rule of a stay-cation is to stay home. Pretend you don’t have a car and that you are at a remote location where a quick trip to the grocery store isn’t available. Stay-cation can also be doing something you love at home such as gardening or yard work. If you have to get out, try your local library, museum, or tourist attraction lately. Plan a schedule for each day of your vacation jsut as you would if you went “away” somewhere. Turn off the cell phone and computer… It’s your vacation.

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