Tips for the Mom on Crutches: The Family Roadtrip

Once you’re a mom, vacations may not be a relaxing periods of time away from home.  Instead, they are often more work than the normal schedule in your own house.  When you are hobbling around on crutches AND looking ahead to a long family road trip, you might wish you had not planned the trip in the first place.  It is true that you will have a huge obstacle to overcome due to your injury or surgery, but you can still enjoy the time away with a little extra thought and planning.  Here are some ideas to help you make the most of your long road trip this summer…even if you DO have your best crutches in tow.

“This is no longer a vacation.  It’s a quest.  A quest for fun”

Clark W. Griswold – Vacation

Take Lots of Breaks

If you have young children along, it is likely that you will have frequent restroom breaks as it is, but either way, make sure you stop every couple of hours and get out and move around.  Walk a few laps around the rest stop, up and down the parking lot, or wherever else you can.  Stretch your good leg and your back and muscles and it will make the long ride easier on your entire body.

Let Someone Else Drive

Even if you are able to drive around your injury, it is best to let someone else do the driving.  In the passenger’s seat or even in the back seat, you will be able to shift and move yourself around more.  You certainly can’t prop your foot up while driving, but when you are a passenger, the positions are much more numerous.  Plus, with an injury that involves crutches, you might be more tired and frequent naps will help you have more energy once you.

Let Others Help

As the mom, you are used to doing everything needed for the family.  With your injury, it is time to take a step back and let dad and other family members do some of the heavy lifting, planning, coordinating, and everything else that is needed.

Plan Ahead

You may have planned out the road trip long before your injury occurred, but you might want to go back and make some changes.  If you have your hotel rooms booked, make sure you are on the first floor or at least near an elevator.  Take a look at the destinations you plan to visit and make sure they are handicap accessible.  Space out the locations that will require more walking so you do not wear yourself out.  If you can plan around your injury, the whole trip will be much more enjoyable.

Everybody in the car. Boat leaves in two minutes… or perhaps you don’t want to see the second largest ball of twine on the face of the earth, which is only four short hours away?

Wrapping and Ice

If you do not have a cast on your injury, make sure you take an Ace bandage along with you.  Keeping the bandage wrapped snuggly around your ankle and foot can help reduce the swelling around the injured area.  You might also want to keep a cooler in the back of the car with fresh ice so you can keep your injury cool and at a normal size for your body.  Putting the cold pack on the back of your knee can have the same cooling effect while keeping your foot and ankle dry.  Plus it is much easier while sitting in the car.