11 Things you can do this Christmas…even on crutches

When you see the holiday starting to form all around you, you might feel a little down because you are on crutches this year. What can you really do to enjoy the season? The answer is plenty! Here are just a few of the things you can do during the Christmas season…even on crutches!

Take a light tour

Whether you get on a local tour bus or just have someone drive you around in the car, you can enjoy the decorations others have put on their houses with ease from the comforts of a warm cozy vehicle.


Does anyone in your family really have time to put together a holiday scrapbook that features all of the pictures from last Christmas or the Christmas before that? Not exactly! But you do and it’s something you can do even on crutches…and something you might just enjoy!

Wrap presents

If you set up a wrapping station where you can remain seated, wrapping presents is something you can do easily. It’ll be fun to help other people wrap their presents too! Just have someone shuttle the presents to and from the table and you’re set!

Drink Cocoa

Baby it’s cold outside and no matter how many feet you have to stand on, drinking hot cocoa is something you can most certainly do. Stick a few extra marshmallows in your cup…you deserve it!

Decorate the tree

There are many different options when it comes to decorating the tree. Of course, you aren’t going to want to be up on a ladder placing the star, but you could get a rolling chair and situation yourself near the bottom. Help string the lights, hang the tinsel, and place the ornaments. Or, you can get a tabletop tree to decorate all on your own!

Write Christmas cards

Many Christmas cards have gone to the annual Christmas letter and a family picture. While there’s nothing wrong with that because the thought still counts, it might be nice to add some handwritten comments to your card this year. You can most certainly sit with your leg propped up somewhere and write.

Watch movies

No Christmas would be the same without your favorite holiday movies. Have someone make some popcorn, or just take the strings from the tree and enjoy a movie marathon with your family. Here is a list of 101 great moveis to watch as you recover on one foot.

Sleep in

This task might even be easier in your recovery condition. You will need a lot of rest and though your kids might not allow it, you certainly can sleep in if they happen to be quiet or out of the house!

Plan for the New Year

While you are stuck inside on an especially snowy, icy day, take a little time to plan for your recovery. Once you are back on both feet, what will you do? Will you take a trip next summer? Plan it! Now’s the time to get things organized while you are off your feet and home more often.


The holidays may be a little different this year and you will have to spend more of Christmas sitting and resting than normal, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy it. Take a look at the family and friends surrounding you and count your blessings!

 Remember how blessed we all are

Remind yourself the real reason for the season…the center of it all. When you think about Jesus and what he has done for us, everything else will fade around you.