Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas even after foot surgery

You might not feel as festive this year since you injured yourself and are non-weight bearing.  However, there are plenty of ways you can have a merry little Christmas despite your condition.  Here are some ideas to help you stay joyful so you can enjoy as many of the festivities as possible.

Idea #1: Choose Seated Activities

In order to participate in as much as possible, try to pick things that allow you to sit down.  Drive around neighborhoods and look at Christmas lights.  Attend local church productions.  You don’t have to go door-to-door Christmas caroling in order to enjoy the festivities.

Idea #2: Scale Back

Even though you usually send out Christmas cards to a huge list and you buy presents for everyone (and their dog!) this year, getting to the stores on your crutches and fighting crowds just isn’t possible.  Scale back by making some handmade gifts and giving them to the most special people on your list.  You might find that you enjoy slowing down a bit and make it a tradition for future years.

Idea #3: Slow Down

You will have no choice but to take things more slowly this year.  Everything simply takes longer!  While you are moving slowly through the festivities, take time to enjoy them even more.  Stop and appreciate the people and things around you.  When things don’t move as quickly, they might even end up meaning more.

Idea #4: Remember the Reason for the Season

When you are not able to cook the five-course meal you normally prepare and you simply can’t make it to the dozens of Christmas parties, you have no choice but to focus on other things.  Sure, parties and meals are nice.  Presents are great. But the real reason for the season is much deeper than those things.  Focus on that and you will appreciate the holiday, even with an injury.

Idea #5: Think about Mobility

If you want to get out and do some of the activities you’ve enjoyed in past years again this year, think about how you are going to move around in order to do that.  Crutches are hazardous on snow and ice and they slow you down and make you ache in places other than your injured area.  Consider other options like the Knee Scooter or the Hands Free Crutch to help you have a merry Christmas.

Idea #6: Research Comfort

When you are uncomfortable, it’s hard to feel much joy for any reason.  If there is something bothering you, research how you can take care of that issue so you can focus on celebrating.  If your toes are cold because they stick out of your cast or boot, for example, look into the Cozy Toe Warmer to help eliminate that issue.  If you have a desperate itch beneath your cast, try the Cast Cooler.  There are enough products on the market to help your recovery go as smoothly as possible.  Take away the minor discomforts and you’ll have a lot more reason to celebrate.

Idea #7 Remind Yourself of the Finite

Keep in mind that your injury is temporary and it is healing even as you read this.  Next year, you’ll likely be back up on both feet and good as new.  Keep that in mind as you go about your holiday activities.  Also remember that nothing else will be the same next year either.  Your kids will be older.  Your family might be larger.  Enjoy everything you can just as it is right now no matter what the condition of your leg.