How to Help Someone on Crutches Organize Christmas

Christmas is one of the busiest times of the year. It’s easy to feel stressed and overworked during the holiday season. When you are on your best crutches, it’s even worse. If your mom or a mom you are friends with usually does it all, but this year, has to do the same things on one foot, there are plenty of things you can do to help. Here are just a few.

Organize Parties

If mom usually organizes all of the family or friend gatherings, it would be best to keep her out of the details this year. It might be a struggle to get her to lay off and rest, but she will still enjoy the party and she needs to save her energy for other things. Either divvy up duties or just do things a little differently this year.

Make Food

Mom usually does a lot of baking around Christmas and while everyone will missed the homemade goodies, it is not something she can easily do on crutches. Instead of expecting it, visit a few church cookie walks and gather the cookies you will need for the gifts and get together. Save mom some hassle and still enjoy cookies!


If mom still wants to do much of the work on her own, you need to offer to help in any and every way you can. That might mean labeling invites, making calls, or whatever else she needs you to do.


If it looks like mom is starting to overdo it and work too hard on the festivities, you need to be there to remind her that her recovery comes first. She won’t enjoy anything she’s organizing if her injury gets worse because she isn’t resting. It’s hard to slow down any time of the year. Christmas is even worse. But if she doesn’t, she’ll pay for it!

Keep Track

While mom takes care of Christmas details, she may forget the details of her recovery. Help her keep track of when she needs to take her medications, when she should ice her foot and other little details. With someone in charge of that aspect of her recovery, she can organize Christmas gatherings without so much on her mind.

Gives helpful gifts

Mom will need quite a few new items during her recovery. These things can help make everyday life easier so she can concentrate on Christmas items. Get her things like an adjustable shower stool to make her showers easy and safe. The Comfy Cozy Toe Warmer will keep her toes warm and dry all winter long.

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