How to Create a Halloween Costumes for Someone on Crutches

When you have to spend Halloween on crutches, you might feel kind of bummed out. The costume you’d been hoping to wear just won’t work! But there are plenty of costume ideas out there that can easily accommodate crutches. Here are a few ideas to help you out.

Just Add Legs

The best think you can do to accommodate crutches with a Halloween costume is to think of things that have extra legs and then use that to your advantage. You could be a spider, for example, and use your crutches as extra legs and add a few more. You could also be an octopus or an ant. Anything that has extra legs is a good option since you have additional places to place legs at this time.

Think inclusion not exclusion

Instead of thinking of all of the costumes you COULD have worn, think instead of the costumes that are even better with crutches. There are some costumes that just scream for crutch inclusion…like a mummy, for example! You can wrap yourself in gauze and put some on your crutches as well. Mummies have issues walking as it is, crutches make the effect better! Injured soldiers also look great on crutches. Everyone loves a war hero and all you need is an old uniform from a thrift store. When you include your crutches, you will be happy with the things you can do with them.

Use technology

It’s only a matter of time before robots take over, right? So why not dress up like one for Halloween! A robot costume could easily use crutches if your robot has rather long arms! You just need to box yourself in and add some buttons.

Make them wing

Another way to include your crutches in the costume is to make them into wings. Then you just have to pick a bird! You could be a penguin to go along with your waddle and hop, or you could be something more majestic like a hawk. Choose the type of feathers you want to make and transform your crutches into wings!

Knuckle draggers

Have you ever tried walking on your knuckles? It hurts! But gorillas do it all the time! So why not make your crutches into long gorilla arms in order to make it look like you are swinging yourself around on your knuckles. The long furry arms will look funny and fit in just fine with a gorilla costume.

Dress as you are!

Probably the easiest costume idea is to dress up like an injured individual or a crash victim of some sort. You can add details to your injury or make up a story about something more dramatic that happened to you. Add a hat and you’re an injured baseball player. Add a crown and you’re a princess who’s prince didn’t rescue her properly. You can injure any character and dress with flair!