Help! My child is non-weight bearing (NWB)

If your child has suffered an injury and got instructions from his doctor to stay off that injury for a certain length of time, you are in for quite a haul.  Sure, it makes logical sense…stay off the injury and heal faster.  Your child will need a best crutches for non weight bearing and here are just a few of the reasons why:

1. You can’t carry him!

There is a time in your child’s life when you have to carry him everywhere he goes because he can’t walk.  That time has come and gone.  Your child is now too big and too heavy for you to carry him.

2. He doesn’t want help!

Younger children might enjoy having you dote on them, but once they hit a certain age, they don’t want you to follow them into the bathroom.  They don’t want you to help them get dressed.  They don’t even want you to help them into the car.  Your child may be screaming for independence and to have that taken away during recovery is no laughing matter.

3. He needs to stay NWB!

A recent survey of foot and ankle specialists showed that most doctors believe that children under the age of 14 are hardly ever fully compliant with non-weight bearing orders.  The result for them?  Longer recovery periods.  If you want your child to heal quickly, you need to make sure he really does stay off his injury.

Having a non-weight bearing child in the house is going to set you up with challenge after challenge.  But if you have non – weight bearing crutches on hand to help, you will have several less concerns to deal with on a daily basis.