A Mom’s Guide to Staying Sane on The Best Crutches

As a busy mom, it is downright hard to sideline yourself from your everyday activities. The dishes pile up in the kitchet, the laundry piles up everywhere and things just aren’t getting done like they used to when you were on both feet. Not only that, but you have a whole bunch of time on your hands that you are not used to having available to you. You might enjoy it for a few days, but after that, you get downright bored. In order to stay sane on your best crutches, take advantage of the “time off” from your everyday life and do a few things for yourself for a change. Here are a few ideas to help keep your mind active while your body is at rest.

Idea 1: Give Yourself a Makeover

You do not likely have time every month or even every year to pamper yourself.  Take time during your recovery to experiment with your appearance.  Give yourself a manicure and, if you can reach both feet, a pedicure as well.  Use some of the products you have piled up in your bathroom that you never use and see how they look on you.  You will feel better about yourself and you’ll kill an afternoon at the same time.

Idea 2: Catch up on Magazines and Books

You may subscribe to a magazine, but you likely don’t get to read it very often.  Pick up that pile and storm through it.  You might get a few ideas for things you want to do while you recover.  Or you can start a list of ideas for the future.  If you have a stack of books by your bedside that never get touched, plough through some of those as well.  Your free time will fly by and you will feel more caught up once you recover.

Idea 3: Work on Christmas Cards

It doesn’t matter what time of the year your injury occurs, it is never too early to choose and address your Christmas cards.  You can save the annual Christmas letter until the last minute, but you will be grateful when the holidays roll around that you were proactive and have your cards ready to roll.

Idea 4: Call Friends to Chat

When was the last time you had a few minutes to call a good friend and just talk about life?  You likely are usually busy carting the kids to and from school and activities as well as keeping up with your own job, the house, and everything.  Use your recovery on your crutches as a chance to catch up.

Idea 5: Get Creative

If you have always wanted to participate in charity events, crafts, research certain items or anything else of that nature, your recovery is a great time to get on those items.  You can organize a lot through phone and email and you will likely have lots of down time with which to work.  If you want to work on a quilt, look into a certain topic, or even clean out your junk drawer, take advantage of that time.