The perfect gifts for someone recovering from surgery

If you have a long shopping list this Christmas, you might get stuck on what to buy for more than one person.  But if one of those people is non-weight bearing, you might be even more at a loss than usual.  You want to get something practical and something that will be meaningful.  But what? Here are a few ideas for things that can help someone on crutches, even if he seems like he already has what he needs.

Cozy Toe Warmers

There’s nothing like recovering from a non-weight bearing injury in the winter and suffering from cold toes.  If you want to do something nice for that injured person on your list, get him something no one else has likely thought about.  The cozy toe warmers are similar to slippers, only they are made for someone in a cast or boot.  They are easy to put on and take off and they will keep his toes warm, dry, and cozy for the duration of the recovery process.


2.     Cast Coverz

Winter is often depressing with all of the cold and snow.  When someone can’t get out as much because of the icy dangers, it can become even more depressing.  In order to brighten that injured person’s day, look into Cast Coverz to give her some style.  Cast Coverz come in a variety of colors and designs and slip right over the cast.  They can help it fit in with an outfit, or make it stand out in a good way.  They can also help brighten an injured person’s mood just enough to get through another day of being cooped up.

3.     Information

If the injured person you know hasn’t been going out much because of the dangers of combining crutches and winter weather, the best thing you can give him is information.  Goodbye Crutches has three options that are considered alternatives to crutches.  They will allow your friend to get out easier and with more safety.  The Hands Free Crutch, for example, allows him the use of his hands for extra balance.  The Knee Scooter gives him a more solid base while he scoots around.  All of the options are safer than trying to balance on crutches while moving around on snow and ice.

4.     Help

If you really can’t think of anything to buy for that injured person on your life, you might simply offer your help.  Many times, someone something for someone on crutches is way more valuable than a tangible gift anyway.  Offer to make some homemade meals for your friend; take her on her errands; drive her children to school; or just offer to come over and visit on a regular basis to keep her from getting lonely.  You may very well be giving her the best Christmas gift she receives this year.

Going through the Christmas season on crutches isn’t easy, but with these Christmas gift ideas, you should be able to make life a bit better for that non-weight bearing person on your list.

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