Fun Things To Do This Summer Even With a Broken Big Toe

You probably didn’t think about your big toe very often until you broke it. And now, because of the pain, it’s nearly ALL you can think about!  Plus, it’s ruining all your summer fun!  The good news is that you will recover and get back to normal life.

And, in the meantime, here are a few fun things you can do on the 4th…even with a broken big toe.  Show your Independence all summer long.

Enjoy a Game of Hopscotch

In the past, your kids beat you at this particular game every time. Partly because you let them and partly because they are simply better at standing on one foot.  Now, however, you have gotten used to using just one leg since you have to stay off your broken big toe. Use that practice to your advantage and beat them for once. Since you are injured, they won’t even mind.

Participate in a Three-Legged Race

You will want to join in on any sport with care, but the three-legged race is one you can really get into since you only have one leg to spare as it is. Make sure you get partnered with someone who is thinking logically and will make sure your safety is above anything else. Then, enjoy the advantage you have of being used to walking on only one leg.

Watch a Parade

You won’t want to be in the parade this year, unless you get to simply ride on a float, but if you use your best crutches to get a good spot along the route, watching a parade can still be really fun. Send your kids out to get the candy and observe as you put your foot up on your crutches for elevation.


Nothing takes your mind off the pain in your toe more than big booms and bright lights. Fireworks are a tradition of beauty and they will certainly distract you from your ailment. Make sure you go to your local park early to get a good spot and avoid the big crowd. Then, kick back, relax, and enjoy the evening with your family.


If you have a traditional 4th of July picnic with your family, you might even enjoy it more this year. Usually, you are the one who has to run around, preparing all of the food and making sure everyone has what they need.  This year, however, you have the perfect excuse to simply enjoy the picnic and sit around being served for once.  Take the opportunity and hop with it because next year, it’ll all land back on your plate once you are healed.

This 4th of July might be different from the others have been because of your broken big toe, but you can still make it memorable.  Sure, you’ll remember it as the 4th when you were in pain because your toe was throbbing, but you can also remember some of the fun things you did despite your injury.  With a device like the forearm crutches, many of the things you enjoyed in the past are still possible and several things will be even easier.

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