Fun Summer Activities for Kids on Crutches

Your child was likely looking forward to summer…before he landed himself on crutches. Now, the long summer months stretch before him with all of the things that he COULD have done had he been more mobile. But there are still plenty of things he can do in order to enjoy his time off from school and just be a kid!


Camping with the family is a great time to bond. Just because your child may not be able to play on the playground as much doesn’t mean he won’t still enjoy the fresh air, the plastic horseshoe game you take along, grilling out over the fire and other activities. It’ll take his mind off the idea that he can’t have fun for sure.

Spray Park

If your child has a cast on his injured leg, he can’t go swimming, but he can still have fun at the spray park! Strap a water proof bag around his cast like you do when he takes a shower and let him have a little fun in the water with his friends.  Better yet, use a latex free cast protector that is guaranteed to last the life of the cast.

Slumber Parties

There’s nothing like having a few kids overnight to brighten the fun in your child’s life. Have him invite his best friends for an evening of movies, video games, popcorn, and fun. He won’t have to go anywhere and he can stay seated most of the time.

Decorate a Cast or even the Crutches

Add some fun and fashion to am ordinary cast.  Adding Shrinkins is a fun project that children can do themselves, plus it tends to keep the cast cleaner.

A Summer Party

You throw your child a birthday party every year, but even if his birthday isn’t in the summer, you can still have a party. Organize a few easy games that he can participate in as well, get a cake or bake some cookies and have all of his friends over to brighten his summer.

New Board Games

It may have been a while since you updated your board game closet and now is the time to try something new. Since your child can’t get around as much, find some new games that might interest him for the days when summer gets too hot to handle.

Vacation Ideas

Have your child sit down with a travel book and list all of the vacations he would want to take and what he would do while he was there. Some of the ideas might be outlandish, but some might be things you could actually do sometime. Either way, he will have fun imagining the exotic places and activities.


Of course, traveling with an injury is hard, but it’s not impossible. Try to choose locations that will have plenty of activities for a child on crutches so he does not feel left out or bored at any time. Being in a new location will help him see his injury in a new light.

Make Homemade Ice cream

There’s nothing better on a hot summer night than a fresh, cool batch of homemade ice cream. Have him help you mix the ingredients and turn the crank. He can sit and watch the maker work and then enjoy the spoils once the process is complete.

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