From Non-Weight Bearing to Partial Weight Bearing after Foot Surgery

When you injury occurred, you knew there would be many different steps to the recovery process. First, you had to keep all your weight off your injured leg.  In order to do so, you might have used crutches. Once you completed the right amount of time with no weight on your injury, your doctor might recommend that you increase your activities and start to put a little pressure on your leg.  But you might be left wondering how you make the transition. Here are some hints.


When you are injured, the best thing you can do is stay in tune with your physical self.  Only you know when you have had too much and when you can do more.  Make sure you understand yourself and know when to stop.  If you put a little weight on your leg and it feels uncomfortable, do not push yourself.  The process will be gradual.


Your doctor might tell you that it is okay to bear a little weight on your injured leg and you might even get specific instructions on how much will be okay.  You might be able to put a little pressure on it by pushing down on your toes, for example.  After a day or two of that, you might be able to take one step.  You can then start to limp around.  If your doctor does not give you specifics, ask for them.  It is always best to have professional advice from someone who has seen your type of injury before.


When you are allowed to bear weight on your injury, you will not want to do so all of the time.  Once you can walk a little, do so in spurts and use your mobility device the rest of the day.  You will find that you tire more easily than you did in the past and you do not want to injure yourself in the same spot again.  Your doctor might tell you to walk on your injured foot a certain amount of time a day.  Once you have reached that limit, then the best crutches is a must have for you. It will be hard to go back and forth, but you will see the progress and it will be worth it.


No one stays off their foot for weeks or months only to put that foot back on the ground and start running full speed again.  Your recovery process is just that…a process.  You will have to work your way back up to the strength you were used to having.  Have patience and understand that every little step you take is a step towards having your foot back in full working order.


When you are transitioning to putting weight on your injury once more, it is important that you adhere to the proper nutrition guidelines. You should eat well during your whole recovery, but when you are starting to really get better, you want to make sure you have the energy to get yourself through to the very end.  Your body is trying to heal itself and you will be much better off with vitamins and minerals running through your body.

Transitioning from your mobility device back to your leg can be rough, but with the right amount of time and a little work, you will complete your recovery.

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