Exercising Tips After Ankle Surgery

After Surgery Tips:

Whatever reason you had for undergoing ankle surgery, rehabilitation plays a huge role in properly healing your ankle and getting you back to normal quicker. Exercise options after surgery concentrate first on improving your range of motion to prevent stiffness. Once flexibility occurs, gentle strength training can start. Check with your doctor before starting any exercise plan since all injuries and recuperation plans differ according to each individual recovery plan.

Gentle Muscle Flex

Exercise options after surgery will start with gentle stretching maneuvers that concentrate on increasing your ankle’s range of motion before the joint becomes strong enough to withstand weight. Staying non-weight bearing per your Doctor’s instruction is key to having a fully healed and functional ankle.
Water Exercises

Before you try walking on land which may be too painful or uncomfortable, try doing some simple exercises in water.  An aquatic environment such as a warm pool or spa may be more suitable. Exercising in water takes pressure off the joints and improves mobility. Start doing some gentle aquatic ankle circles to increase you ankle join mobility.

Strength Training

As your ankle becomes stronger and more flexible, exercise options after surgery should include weight training.  Gentle exercises such as calf raises will increase ankle strength while using only body weight.
Create an exercise plan with your doctor’s input and permission.  It’s important to follow the correct time measures that are important for proper healing.  If your pain worsens or you notice swelling call your physician. With proper rest and exercise, you will be back on two feet faster than you thought!
The most painful exercise as you recover maybe the crutches.  Even if you are non weight bearing, their are ways to stay active.  There are modern options to crutches like the Knee scooter and Hands Free Crutch that can provide you the mobility, stability and freedom you want.