Ergobaum Prime By Ergoactives Review

Ergobaum Prime By Ergoactives review

Well known for working towards a re-invention of the walking experience…

… Ergoactives has created this crutch specifically to meet all your needs and wants comfortably and effectively.

A range of features along with a attractive design.

And with Ergoactive’s Spring Loaded Shock Absorber Patented Technology, Spring Loaded legs, a Four-legged “Extra Balance” Ergocap High Pergormance Crutch Tip and Safety Features helps to set this crutch apart from the competition.

So in this detailed review, I will show you everything you need to know about this crutch.

Can it Bring You Good walking Experiences?

The short answer is “yes, it can.”

This is an innovable product created by a surgeon. It is designed to make people’s lives easier during recovery.

Equipped with Shock Absorbers that reduce impact, it takes away all the pain associated with walking on crutches. So that makes walking on crutches experience easier and much more comfortable than ever before.

The Ergobaum crutch provides for you safety features such as the built in flashlights on each crutch, safety reflectors, and the pull down knee rest that capable of taking care of your needs.

For the price, this crutch is an excellent deal for the high end quality it is sure to provide you.

But it doesn’t stop there!

Let’s see…

Some facts you should know

  • Product Dimensions: 34 x 9 x 4 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 8 pounds
  • Safety Information: Try to step by step your recovery instructions given by your doctor
  • Unique safety features: reflective bands, LED lamp and pushbutton alarm.
  • Built-In Knee Platform: Allows you to comfortably rest the knee on the platform while you’re Especially it’s also helpful for lower leg traumas such as ankle or foot injuries.
  • Adjustable Cushion Grip: Contains shock absorbers, that helps you avoid carpel tunnel syndrome as well as Wrist Tendon Subluxation. Weight Limit : 350 LBS!
  • Fits all size about 99% of all adults 5’ yo 6’66’’ up to 350 lbs

Now, if you’re still wondering about the quality of this product, here’s…

What Other Customers Have to Say About This

This is one of the best crutches which receives excellent reviews from many of customers who have been impressed by its features, functionality, and ease in walking.

Users with bulky problems report being able to use this crutch effectively in their lives.

That means it would be a good fit if you need additional flexibility and mobility.

While the majority of feedbacks are positive, a few point towards minor loundness caused by the shock absorbers when walking after using a long time.

But that’s only a very small fraction of the whole thing.


Should I Buy it?

I think the question better be “where should I buy it?”

Because you will find that The Ergobaum crutch will never fail you once you decide to stick to it.

Decent expensive then comparable crutches, it can help revolutionize your walking experience for sure.

And here is the best deal I can find for you on this crutch.

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