Converting yourr Roll-a-bout to a Big Wheel All Terrain Knee Walker

Do you have a Roll A-Bout turning knee scooter but aren’t quite satisfied with how it handles? The SW-500 turning knee scooter is a great knee scooter, but like all machines it has its limitations. The solid 8 inch wheels work great around the home or office but what about cruising around town or going to the store? The wheels catch on the thresholds of doors or transitions from hard floors to carpet. Not to mention they grab when they encounter an expiation joint or crack in the side walk. It’s enough to make you a little cautious about going out.

But what can you do about it? Well you could go out and buy a whole new All Terrain Scooter, but that will be $600 on another scooter. With larger 12 inch semi pneumatic front wheels and wider 8 inch semi pneumatic rear wheels bumps, cracks and thresholds become much easier to navigate.


Installation is easy, simply remove the old wheels and bolt on the new. All you need is an adjustable crescent wrench, a standard screw driver and a ½ inch socket. To remove the old wheels simply remove the black caps on the outer hub of the wheel using the screwdriver to save your fingers. With the caps removed unscrew the nut off the bolt and remove the bolt from the frame of your scooter. Repeat this for the rest of the wheels until all four have been removed.

Now that all the wheels have been removed we will start installing the new all terrain wheels starting with the rear wheels. The rear wheels will have the same order of parts as the old wheels. Starting with the shorter bolts slide on the cap washer so that the flange points out towards the head of the bolt, followed by one flat washer. Next comes the wheel, followed by the white nylon spacer and another flat washer.

make a big wheel atv knee scooter walker

Slide the bolt with the wheel and spacers into the bottom hole of the frame and add one washer and lastly the nut. Make sure not to over tighten the bolt as this can pinch the wheel bearings and cause them to fail. The wheel should spin freely without any grabbing or stopping during its rotation.

The Front wheels will come to you partially assembled. Just remove the nut off the end and one of the flat washers.

large knee scooter wheel grass gravel sand

Insert the front wheel and bolt assembly into the second hole of the spindle. This will keep your knee scooter level and aligned properly.


Now add the washer you removed along with the locking nut and tighten the bolt down as you did with the rear wheels making sure not to over tighten. The last step is simply to reattach the black caps onto the ends of the bolt to protect your ankles should the brush the wheels. Now your ready to take on the world on one foot without fear of bumps and cracks!