Caring For Your Child on Crutches

As a parent, the last thing you want to see that is your kid with an injury.  As a human, however, you know that you simply cannot prevent everything.  When your child injures herself and is placed on crutches for an extended period of time, the best you can do is care for her and ensure that her recovery process goes as smoothly as possible.  Here are a few tips to help your child get around on her best crutches and recover as quickly as she can.

Tip 1: Prepare the house

Before your child gets up and starts navigating your home on her crutches, make sure the house is ready for her to get around safely.  Move all of the clutter from the floors and clear wide spaces so she can get through without any tripping hazards.  If your family is used to leaving their shoes by the door, their clothes on the floor, and their school papers all over, make it a new rule to keep the house free from any item that could trip your child.

Tip 2: Pamper your Child

When your child was a baby, you were used to doing everything for her.  Even if she is a little older, you know how to pamper her because there are still times when she gets sick and needs you by her side.  In order to help her recover and keep her mind off of her pain and discomfort, give her some extra attention.  Buy some of her favorite treats and serve them to her on the couch.  Get her a magazine she doesn’t normally have time to read.  Ask her friends to come over and do a special craft with her.  Make sure she feels loved and has everything she needs so that she can concentrate on recovering as quickly as possible.

Tip 3: Add time to everything

No matter how long it used to take your family to get ready in the morning or do any other task, you will need to add time to each event to allow your injured child to keep up with everyone else.  If she needs ashower or bath, she will likely need help the first few times.  After that, she might be able to handle the process alone, but it will take a lot longer than it did in the past.  When the family is going on an outing, allow for extra time for your injured child to get to and from the car or consider dropping her close to the door.

Tip 4: Follow Doctor’s Orders

The best thing you can do to ensure your child is recovering properly is follow all of the doctor’s orders for her recovery.  Make sure they understand the importance of staying non wieght bearing in order to heal quickly and completely.  Call your health care provider with any questions you have so that you do not do anything wrong on accident.

Tip 5: Look into Alternatives to Crutches

If you really want to see your child’s recovery take off, look into other mobility items that might work better for her than crutches.  There are several different options on the market that can be rented or purchased depending upon how long you will need them.  The iWALKFree hands free crutch, for example, is great for young people who have good balance.  This device can help your child move much like she did before while having the use of both of her hands.  She might also be interested in the Knee Scooter, which could have her zooming around your house even faster before.  The pediatric knee walker for children can accomidate patients as short as 3’2″.  The Seated Scooter is a third viable option that helps children stay rested while getting around the house, school, or anywhere else.