How to Care For Someone on Crutches

If someone you know or love lands on crutches, you might feel a little helpless.  After all, only that person can go through the recovery time and deal with the pain he is in.  However, there are plenty of things that you CAN do to help your friend or family member.  Not only will that person appreciate what you are doing, but he might also recover faster because of your help.  Here are some ways you can care for your friend or family member when they have to keep the weight off one leg for a period of time.

Get What is Needed

When someone is first on crutches, moving from place to place is an ordeal.  That means even if they just want a drink of water, going a few feet into the kitchen can take a lot out of them.  Offer to do anything that will save the injured person a trip, especially when he first begins his recovery.  Get him his drinks, snacks, reading materials and anything else he would have to get for himself.

Use Your Hands

Whenever you are around someone on crutches, imagine what it would be like to lose the use of not only one leg, but also both hands.  The injured person needs his hands to use the crutches so you will need to use your hands to help.  That means opening doors, carrying groceries, books or other items, and anything else you can think of to help them make up for their lack of hands.

Help With Balance

Using crutches is not an easy feat.  When your friend or family member is starting out on the devices, he might need help with balance.  There might even be times when he wants to move from place to place without the crutches.  A strong shoulder is very useful and is sometimes easier and more reliable than a crutch.

Make Offers

It is often hard for an injured person to ask for too much help.  But if you offer, you might be surprised at how much he will accept.  Offer to run errands, make meals, walk the dog, do chores and anything else you think might be of help to your friend or family member.  You do not even have to go too far out of your way to make these offers.  When you go to the store yourself, call and ask your friend if there’s anything he needs while you are there.  When you are planning a big meal, make plenty of extra and take it over to your friend.

Share Wisdom

If you have ever been on crutches yourself, you know that you might feel rather foolish about how your injury occurred.  Your friend will likely feel better knowing he is not the only one who landed on crutches in a strange way.  Share your own injury story as well as those of other people you know.  When you are on the subject, share your pieces of wisdom like things that helped you get through your own ordeal.