Top Rated Crutches For Non Weight Bearing

If you want best crutches which are ideal for non weight bearing, you should know that today’s crutch manufacturers offer perfect styles for reasonable prices.

To help you find the right crutches for non weight bearing, we’ve created a buying guide which will make it easy for you to learn a lot of useful facts about these specialized crutch designs.

To help you learn what you need to know, we’ll talk about what these crutches are and give you other relevant information which assists you with making a smart choice.

Without further ado, let’s go from there.

Top 5 Crutches For Non Weight Bearing With Reviews

iWALK2.0 Hands Free Crutch

best crutches for non weight bearingIf you need a best crutch for non weight bearing to go along with the hands-free function in order to provide you with a comfortable experience.

Then this is a good product to go with.

It fits anyone who is from 4’10 to 6’6 in height, and about 275 pounds or less in weight.

It allows you to be able use your hands to do pretty much everything when you’re at home.

The bonus of this particular style is that it is very solid and sturdy so you can use this crutch for long-term use.

Make sure its size fits you proper before you use it for the first time.

With this thing you need to spend more time on all the instructions if you’re just new with it, so make sure you spend at least one full day to get fully up to speed on it.

It can be a wonderful thing in your life when your leg is injured.

But if it works for you,

let’s see some required qualifications on Amazon.

It is more than worth the investment so you must give it a go.

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New Ergobaum 3G Junior Shock Absorber Crutches

best crutches for non weight bearing

Ergobaum Junior Shock Absorber is one of the best children crutches for non weight bearing I have for you.

This is a very well made crutch.

It has a new patented proven technology and extra features which gives you control over your walking experience more easier.

Designed specifically with children in mind, it has fully adjustable height and arm length to fit almost youth from 3’9’’ to 5’.

As its name, this product features Shock Absorbers that reduce impact with the ground that makes less hurt in your injured leg.

It is a well-made crutch from a trusted and experienced company.

It also comes with a Four-legged and safety features which really helps children’s balance and ensures children will be safe with it.

This crutch is also solid and stable, so it’s a good choice for long-term use.

The New Ergobaum Junior Crutches can be considered as a best option for kids.

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Life Crutch by Millennial Medical

best crutches for non weight bearing

You will like this one.

Simple, straightforward, and quality.

It’s also very modern in appearance.

This is one of the most popular high quality options so it is an excellent addition to your life.

Not only it makes you more comfortable to walk with, but it’s also keep your wrists in natural position.

The crutch provides 19 height adjustments (Fits users approximately 4’6″ to 6’7”) for almost user.

This is the kind of crutch that you’re going to be able to rely on day in and day out for a long time thanks in its reliability.

There’s one thing I don’t like about  this product is when your hands to be sweaty then the downward slant of the handles sweaty hands can slip off.

If it isn’t a problem, I highly recommend this to anyone who needs a durable, convenient, sturdy crutch.

You can see more information here.

Medline G05161 Guardian Forearm Crutches

best crutches for non weight bearing

Offering lightweight design and comfort in one of the most useful crutch options you’re going to come across today.

This particular unit is one of the best adjustable crutches options money can buy.

It offers you telescoping parts with internal bushings and external lock nuts to provide quiet usage.

The crutch tips are thicker and larger, so they are seem more durable for long-term use.

It features vinyl coated, tapered, contoured arm cuffs mold for extra comfort, so you’ll be able to really comfort from your knee or ankle surgery when you have this product.

This crutch is comfortably light as well as durable, that suit to a lifelong crutch user when it allows you to move quickly & safely.

About drawback, many other customers find that it’s a bit hard to adjust to correct height as the fingers weren’t strong enough to push two buttons in at the same time then pull tubing.

But they also said that once adjusted it have helped you with taking pressure off your knees and back when walking, so you can even go up and down stairs much easier.

This product is appreciated by almost practical user, let’s try it by yourself.

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Lightweight Forearm Crutches (Size Small), 1 Pair

best crutches for non weight bearing One of the cheapest crutches for non weight bearing you’re ever going to come across.

It is made of aluminum, so it’s very lightweight for you to walk daily.

You can rely on this durable and safe crutch for a long time.

Not only because of non-slid rubber tips and but also because of foam handle.

An adjusted position are about 1 inch too short so they might be suggested for children or someone between 4’4″ to 5’2”.

I am sure you would be very pleased with the quality of the product at this price.

You’ll want to seriously consider grabbing this Forearm Crutches.

Not only is it going to provide you with all of the comfortable, safe walk that you are looking for, but it’s also going to offer the reality of the crutches for non weight bearing.

Best of all, you aren’t going to have to break your bank account to go with it.

Read reviews and ratings here.

What Exactly is Considered a Crutch for Non Weight Bearing?

You might be wondering about what “Non-Weight Bearing” really means.

That’s mean you cannot place the foot of your injured leg on the ground. No weight being placed on your injured foot/leg because your bone needs proper time to heal.

This is the most restrictive weight bearing limitation.

This time, you will need a medical device to help you be mobile.

And that’s all what the best crutches can do for you.

A crutch for non weight bearing is a crutch that can act as your injured leg, it can also offers stability and freedom.

You also should know this when buying a crutch

Can you notice that the more weight you need to bear on the crutches, the more critical the length?

You need to consider how much weight you need to bear on the crutches.

Yes, in this case you’re finding a crutch for non weight bearing.

But no matter what you searching for, always they’re 2  factors that also need to be considered, that’s what people missing, are trunk and arm length to leg length.

If  they are too short, you will be forced to bend forward too much. But if they are too long, it decreases your strength for supporting your weight.

So you should consider this before choosing one for you.

How to walk with crutches non weight bearing?

Walking with crutches is a bit difficult thing, especially if this is the first time you are using crutches non weight bearing.

Be sure you follow all instructions before getting started with them and spend at least one full day to learn how to walk on crutches non.

First of all, your crutches will have been adjusted to the correct height.  Then,

How To sit: Stand and get the balance on your good leg and the other leg is off the floor. Then take the crutches off your arms and hold them in one hand. Using the other hand to touch the arm of the chair and slowly sitting down.

How To stand: Hold both of the crutches in one hand by the handgrips, then push up on the arm of the chair with the other hand to stand onto your good leg and slowly stand up slip your arms through the arm clasps.

Never sit down or stand up with the crutches on your arms.

How to walking: Keep your elbows into your sides and place crutches forwards shoulder width apart, then lean on the crutches so they are used to take the weight off the injured leg and step through with the good leg.

Let’s see and follow this video:


OK, have you finished reading yet?

Did you find my guide helpful?

Anyway, I really hope that my guidelines helped you in picking up crutches for non weight bearing.

I’m pretty sure that once you have for you a top rated crutch for non weight bearing, you will enjoy a much better lifestyle in the long run.

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