A Foot Injury in the Summer versus Winter

When you injure yourself, you are looking at a hard road to recovery.  You will have a lot to work through and plenty of mountains to climb.  However, the time of year in which you go through your recovery process will change how you will go about recovering and the various obstacles that will be in your way.  Here is an examination of a foot or ankle injury recovery process in the summer versus what one would look like in the winter.


In the winter, the hazards for your recovery are obvious.  When you look outside, all you see is snow and ice that are extremely dangerous situations for anyone on crutches.  In the summer, you will not have to deal with those elements, but you might still have slippery weather when it rains.  Summer is harder in some ways because you will want to be outside more.  When you are outside, not only will you expend energy, but you will likely sweat quite a bit.  The biggest danger will then become dehydration.  Make sure you keep water with you to drink at all times so you can keep yourself well hydrated.


There is nothing comfortable about a foot or ankle injury, but the way in which you will be uncomfortable might change depending on the season.  In the winter, you will have to deal with cold toes sticking out of your cast or boot.  Your toes stick out for circulation reasons, but that doesn’t mean they feel any less cold.  The good news is, instead of trying to stretch a large sock over your cold feet, you can use a Comfy Cozy Cast Toe Cover to fit over your toes like a slipper and keep them warm.  In the summer, your toes will likely be plenty warm, but your cast will get hot and itchy, especially if you sweat a lot.  For that problem, you can enlist the help of a Cast Cooler, which attaches to a vacuum and your cast to suck the damp air from beneath the cast out and leave you more comfortable and fresh.


Whether you are injured in the winter or summer, you will likely get stuck on crutches.  Crutches in the winter can be downright dangerous and in the summer, they are just plain limiting and hard on your body.

You can’t predict when you are going to injure yourself and the time of year in which your injury occurs will determine the obstacles you will have to get around in order to recover.  No time of the year is easy, but with careful actions and planning, your recovery will be behind you by the next season.