9 Must Haves when Christmas Includes Crutches

Christmas will be different this year. And not just because you’re a year older than last year and so are your kids. Even more because you are on your crutches. Everything will be harder and everything will take longer! When it comes to pulling Christmas off…and surviving when you’re on crutches, there are ten things you simply must have. Here they are!

1. Shower Bench

You’ve been through the stage in life when you have to shower quickly.  But showering quickly while balancing on one foot is dangerous! The adjustable shower bench will help you take your time and do things safely.

2. Ice Packs

Even though it’s cold outside, your foot can still swell and throb when you are inside. Putting ice packs behind your knee while you are sitting down can help greatly.  (I know it sounds weird, but it works!)  Just remember never to put ice or extremely cold directly on on exposed skin.

3. Comfy Cozy Cast Toe Warmer

The first thing you need to have to pull Christmas on crutches off without a hitch is something to keep your toes warm and cozy. This device fits over your exposed toes like a slipper and warms your toes even outside in the snow and ice!

4. Elevation Stools or Pillows

You will find yourself sitting more often and when you do, make sure to elevate your foot before you use a stool or firm pillows to keep that leg up so the swelling doesn’t get out of control.

5. Help!

Something you will need more than almost anything else this year is help! If you usually do all of the cooking, shopping, wrapping and other things on your own, this is the year to ask for help and pass some things on to others.

6. Rest

The last thing you want to do is over do it with your energy and put your recovery on the back track. Make sure you rest when you need it and you won’t be sorry later. You’ll enjoy the festivities you get to participate in better as well.

7. Fun

No Christmas is complete without cheer, fun, and high spirits. Allow yourself to enjoy your family as they tear into presents, sing carols, or drive around and look at Christmas lights.  Here is a list of 50 Things You Can Do While Non Weight Bearing (NWB)

8. Family

Christmas also wouldn’t be complete without being surrounded by your family and friends. Even if you don’t get around to buying all the gifts you want, Christmas is pretty great as long as you’re among loved ones.  This year, take a little extra time to reflect about what Christmas is really all about. When you think about the real reason for the season, nothing else will matter…even your crutches.