7 Signs that Crutches Aren’t Right for Your Child

When your child injures herself and the doctor tells you she needs to remain non-weight bearing while she heals, you might automatically assume she will get around on crutches for the duration of her recovery. However, there are a lot of other options out there and it’s possible that crutches aren’t the right match for your child. Keep an eye out for these signs in order to assess whether or not crutches are the right mobility device for her recovery.


If your child would rather sit on the couch and have you bring her things or wants to hop around using your shoulder all the time, it’s possible she’s trying to avoid using the crutches. Let her use the rolling desk chair to get around the house, but ask her if the crutches are bothering her too.

Sore Back

If she starts complaining about a sore back, there might be issues with her crutches. Either they’re not adjusted correctly or they’re just not a good fit for her. It’s possible that she’s sore from sitting around too much. Have her do some stretches and move around more. If the pain persists, crutches might need to be set aside for an alternative.

Blistered Hands

If your child has red, sore, or even blistered hands, crutches might be getting to her. The hand pads can really hurt when you are using your hands to support your weight instead of your feet like normal. Using them even a little on soft child-like hands can get aggravating fast.

Sore Armpits

Armpits weren’t really meant to have big metal posts stuck beneath them so people can swing their weight around, right? They can get very sore if your child uses crutches as a mobility device. She might adjust or you might have to go another direction.


If your child is showing signs of depression and acting like she doesn’t care, she might be feeling down because she can’t keep up with others on her crutches. Talk to her about her temporary limitations and see if there’s an alternative like the Knee Scooter for kids  that would work better for her.

Excess Complaining

When your child is hurt, she’s going to complain about pain in her injured area and probably many other things. But if she’s always complaining about her crutches, listen. She means it! They’re bothering her! If her recovery is going to take weeks or longer, it’s worth looking into options.


Is your child getting creative about getting around? Does she use her crutches to reach items across the room so she doesn’t have to try to go get them? This sign goes hand in hand with Avoidance. She may be able to better avoid the crutches with extra creativity. And while creativity is always a wonderful thing for a child to possess, it is also a glaring sign that crutches aren’t for her.

If your child shows one or more of these signs, you might want to toss the crutches aside for a different mobility device. There are several options (depending on your childs age, weight, and height) on the market including the Hands Free Crutch, the Knee Scooter, and the Seated Scooter. Take a look at the options and think about her lifestyle and needs. If crutches aren’t the answer, it’s likely that one of these mobility devices is!