4 Ways to Stay Cool with a Summer Injury on Crutches

When you injure yourself, you have a lot to deal with during the summer months.  You have to figure out how you are going to get around and how you are going to manage your pain.  You also have to do the proper things in order to further your recovery.

The last thing you need it so be hot on top of everything else. Summer is sticky enough when you feel at your best.  When you have an injury, especially one that involves a cast or boot, the steamy heat can really get the best of you.  Here are a few hints to help you stay cool on the best crutches during the summer, even with a cast or boot.

1.      Fans

If you want to sit outside and watch your kids play, you might dread the way you are going to feel while they run around.  Even though you won’t be moving much, the heat can settle in around you.  Grab a portable fan and have someone set it up next to your lawn chair so you can keep the air around you circulating.

2.      Ice / Cold Packs

Ice is sometimes good to keep the swelling down on an injured foot, but it is also great for the neck.  Even putting it behind your knee will provide relief to your injured lower leg. When it’s really hot outside, get an ice pack from the freezer and drape it around your neck or over your head. You will be able to keep the heat at bay and feel cool enough to withstand the sun for a bit longer. Just make sure to never put the ice directly on your injury as it could cause damage to your skin.

3.      Air Conditioning

Utility prices are high and climbing so most summers, you might refrain from running your air. When you do run it, you might keep the temperature as high as possible in your house. This summer, however, you have too much working against you. You need to be comfortable so bump the thermostat down a few degrees and enjoy the cool air.

4.      Cast Cooler

Your cast will get itchy and feel sticky and wet during the summer. The Cast Cooler can really help you with this problem. You simply attach the device to your cast and then to the vacuum cleaner and suck the air from beneath the cast out. This will help you get rid of any moisture that is trapped between the cast and your skin. It will help the cast smell better and give you a fresh breath of air below the cast.  Your leg will feel much cooler each time you use the cast cooler.

Staying cool in the summer is never easy, but when you have an injury around your foot or ankle, it is something you will want to do even more.  These tricks can help you survive the hot summer as cool as possible.

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