4 Tips for a Pain Free on your Crutches in Summer

Summer is a great time of the year, the weather is nice and it is when we can finally get outdoors. But if you’re living in pain or on crutches, it can be difficult to enjoy the beautiful weather. Whether you have chronic back pain, or pain from a recently broken bone, here are 4 tips to help relieve pain this summer:


Staying healthy for almost everyone requires exercise.  Movement keeps our joints from hurting, muscles from being stiff, and strengthens our hearts and lungs.  Now that the weather is nice, take a walk and get some fresh air.  Walking is low impact and keeps the legs healthy and strong. 30 minutes a day will also help the heart stay strong.  If walking is too slow for you, try bicycling – you can go longer distances and still not stress out the body.  No matter what you do, get outside and move. This will stimulate the body’s endorphins, improve the brain, and decrease pain in general.


Just because the weather is finally nice, do not try to do everything in one day. Be reasonable with yourself, if you do too much, you will injure yourself. Too much repetitive activity can cause damage to multiple tendons and muscles. Spending the whole day pulling weeds will probably damage your wrists.  Landscaping the yard all weekend may damage the shoulders or back by lifting too much. Spread out the tasks you are doing and enjoy some free time.


In the heat of summer everyone tends to lose water by sweating. It is easy not to drink enough fluids, and become dehydrated. Bad cases can lead to heat exhaustion and heat stroke.  Drink plenty of water, and if sweating drink liquids the replace lost nutrients. Drinking plenty of liquids does not mean alcohol – these beverages can make dehydration worse since they can make you lose more water. If you’re drinking alcohol in the heat make extra sure that you drink enough water to keep hydrated.


This will regenerate the brain, relax you, and decrease your stress level. These can all alleviate bodily pain.