4 Reasons a Knee Scooter Works Better on Snow and Ice

There was no avoiding it. You had to have the knee surgery. The good thing about having it during the winter months is that you don’t have to miss summer activities like swimming and sports. The bad thing is that you have to try to get out in the snow and ice. Crutches can help, but they can also be very dangerous. Luckily, the Knee Scooter is a viable option for mobility…even in snowy, icy conditions! Here are four reasons why the Knee Scooter works better on snow and ice.

Reason #1: Stability

When you use a Knee Scooter, you have a much more stable base beneath you. On crutches, you have one good foot and two small rubber tips. Any of those three things could slip out from under you at any time. With the Knee Scooter, you have four sturdy wheels as well as your good foot supporting you. The likelihood of a slip and fall situation is much smaller.

Reason #2: Speed

Have you ever tried to operate crutches on snow and ice? It’s very slow and tedious. With the Knee Scooter beneath you, you can go much faster in a safe manner and get out of the cold sooner. You won’t want to race on snow and ice no matter how confident you feel, but you can certainly scoot yourself there faster with the Knee Scooter than you would on crutches.

Reason #3: Convenience

When you are on crutches, all of your efforts, and your hands, are devoted to crutching yourself from place to place. You have to concentrate and you have no hands to help you carry anything. This can be very difficult with young children along. With the Knee Scooter, you have your freedom back. You have a basket attached to the front for your purse, keys, the diaper bag or anything else you need to take along with you. And you can steer the device with one hand while you hold your child’s hand with the other. It is very convenient to use the Knee Scooter over crutches.

Reason #4: Safety

When you use crutches in the snow, you have to make sure all of the stars align in order to keep yourself safe. You have to keep the tips and pads in brand new conditions in order to ensure you don’t slip. You have no hands to brace yourself or catch yourself if you fall. All of those safety elements are out of the way when you use the Knee Scooter. It is easier to operate and much safer in many different ways. You have a sturdy base beneath you, handles to help you balance, and wheels to keep you upright and in place.

Crutches can get you where you need to go, but the Knee Scooter is so much safer, not to mention easier and faster to use, it is definitely something to consider for the winter recovery months.