3 “MUST HAVE” Features of Best Knee Scooters

When shopping for a best Knee Scooter – a perfect Alternative to crutches, it’s smart to do your research and find the product with the best features.  There are many brands available, however, they are not equal in their features and price.

Turning Steering Wheel

This feature is so important, that many insurance companies won’t reimburse for non-steerable models.  Make sure to stay away from the “caster” style wheels that cause the scooter to “roll away” from you.  Find one that turns like a bicycle and offers a locking brake.  This will insure your safety and ease of use.

Large Wheels

Small wheels will stop abruptly at thresholds, cracks, or uneven paths.  Make sure you get a Knee Scooter with large, durable wheels with traction.  Some insurance companies will not cover units with wheels smaller than 5 inches.  The ideal size is 8 inch wheels.  This is sufficient for heavy carpet and uneven surfaces.

Offset Knee Platform

The platform that you are resting your injured leg on should be adjustable.  When the platform is offset, it allows more of the unit to support your injured leg.  It also prevents your good leg from kicking the knee scooter (painful and potentially dangerous). Make sure your unit isn’t so wide that it won’t fit through a doorway, but not too narrow that it’s unstable and tips.