12 tips you should know before using crutches at the first time


If you had to undergo surgery or you’re disabled and cannot bear your weight on a leg, then the best crutches are a must have.

Crutches are medical devices that help you can walk by yourself while your injured leg heals. But if this is your first time using crutches, then being on crutches can be a real challenge.

So, be sure you read these tips before getting started with them.

  1. Before you walk on the crutches, let’s take breaks, to give your arms and legs a rest, that will allow your body to relax.
  2. Don’t be shy too long, this natural feeling just comes when you try something unfamiliar, but don’t let it make you slow down.
  3. Use a rucksack to carry your things hands-free when you’re on the road.
  4. Do not wear heels when you’re on the crutches because it certainly will not work for you.
  5. Let’s take a small step at your first time, smaller steps will make you less tired and that also make sure you’re familiar with your crutches before you can walk faster.
  6. If you’re complete new with this thing, make sure you have someone around you. who will guide you see things differently and help you s challenges you to see things differently. Don’t try to learn by yourself , that’s really risky.
  7. Be careful with floor clutter and slippery areas by keeping your floors clean to voice  such accidents.
  8. Elevate the injured area so the swelling goes down when you sleep.
  9. Once you’re familiar with it, don’t walk as much as you do because it will hurt really badly if you put too much pressure on your hands.
  10. And you must taking a walk break after every short time.
  11. And finally, be confident. You really need this when you do anything.
  12. If you still can’t use crutches any more, then consider alternatives to crutches. In this case, you can use knee scooter or orthopedic scooter.

Hopefully with these tips you won’t feel surprise with your crutches.

Well now you can give a try to your crutches.