100 Things for Grandparents to do while on Crutches

1.Write down your favorite memories.
2. Organize and label your old books or old photographs.
3. Water a Plant.
4. Ask for help without feeling guilty.
5. Request your favorite song on TV.
6. Feed or Brush your dogs.
7. Let your grandkids choose some decorations for your crutches.
8. Go outside for some fresh air.
9. Make sure you don’t have any loose rugs, cords, or furniture that might get in your way.
10. Rent some movies you haven’t seen in ages.

11. Watch the soaps you used to watch and see how much has change and what hasn’t.
12. Clean out your purse or wallet.
13. Spy on your neighbors.
14. Watch your old home movies.
15. Mend clothes.
16. Share tips you’ve learned about being a grandparent on crutches.
17. Read your grandkids favorite books and then talk to them about it.
18. Amaze friends and family with magic tricks.
19. Play Play-Doh charades with your grandkids.
20. Exercise your non-injured limbs.
21. Get a manicure and/or one footed pedicure.
22. Teach yourself origami.

23. Learn a new word.

24. Write 25 random things about yourself.
25. Buy a pair of really supportive shoes for your good foot.
26. Watch the sunrise and/or sunset.
27. Educate yourself about an upcoming election.
28. Pick fuzz balls of your blankets.
29. Join an online community for other grandparents on crutches.
30. Find an old TV series on DVD.
31. Do arts and crafts projects with your grandkids.
32. Make copies of your family recipes.
33. Write random and inspirational notes and leave them in your library books when you return them.
34. Learn to play an instrument.
35. Make paper airplanes.
36. Read magazines.
37. Find out if your injury qualifies you for a handicap sticker.
38. Knit, crochet or quilt.
39. Get a temporary tattoo (or a real one if you’re over 18).
40. Take a class online.
41. Help your pets get exercise using a laser pointer or other toy.
42. Keep a dream journal.
43. Practice bird calls.
44. Look for shooting stars.
45. Find blogs about being a grandparent on crutches.
46. Send in comments about service you’ve enjoyed at restaurants or stores.
47. Draw Disney characters for your grandkids using an online tutorial.
48. Host a Euchre tournament.
49. Thank the Lord that it isn’t worse.
50. Frame some of your favorite pictures to hang on the wall.

51. Roll your change.
52. Instead of hobbling around on crutches, get an alternative.
53. Skype with your kids and grandkids.
54. Watch one of your grandkid’s favorite TV shows.
55. Play the lotto.
56. Listen to a talk radio station.
57. Reminisce through your memento box.
58. Have your grandkids help you add some fun and fashion to your cast or boot.
59. Find a dock to go fishing on.
60. Try some “Off Their Rockers” pranks.
61. Look up your classmates online and see what they’ve been up to.
62. Listen to an opera.
63. See if your local school needs help with tutoring.
64. Study the Bible in a way you never have before.
65. Be our friend on Facebook.
66. Pay attention to what your body is telling you and tell your doctor about anything unusual.
67. Ask friends and family for prayer requests.
68. Polish the silver.
69. Use your crutches to shoo kids off your lawn.
70. Do brain teasers.
71. Bird watch (or more likely, squirrel watch).

72. Make a time capsule for your grandkids.
73. Go on a scenic drive somewhere you haven’t been before.
74. Work on puzzles: Jigsaw, Soduku, Crossword, Word Search, etc.
75. Use this time to catch up on some new release movies.
76. Ask your grandkids questions that will be fun to look back on as they get older.
77. Teach your grandkids your favorite songs to sing when you were their age.
78. Go to a paint-your-own pottery shop.
79. Update your family tree.
80. Read and memorize Bible verses.
81. Watch a documentary.
82. Buy the softest blanket ever to snuggle on the couch with.
83. Ask questions online with other grandparents on crutches at The Community.
84. Enjoy the excuse to take naps…rest is important to recovery!
85. Look up what happened in the world on the day you were born.
86. Start a photo journal of your recovery.
87. Write a thank you note to your doctor and/or nurses.
88. Go through your paperwork and shred the old stuff.
89. Get a massage.
90. If you smoke, quit or cut down to help reduce surgical risks and improve healing time.
91. Move a chair, mirror, and TV tray next to each other for putting on make-up, doing your hair, or shaving.
92. Try a new restaurant.
93. Laugh at something every day.
94. Remind your spouse about your vows, “For better or for worse. In sickness and in health”.
95. Organize your spices.
96. Write a list of all the things you are thankful for.
97. Daydream.
98. See if your local grocery store offers a delivery service.
99. Try Aromatherapy.
100. Have your grandkids come over and put on a talent show for you.