10 Best Christmas Gifts for Someone After Foot Surgery

Do you have someone on your Christmas list going through recovery from surgery? Maybe a fellow busy mom or dad with kids who is struggling with trying to get it all done even more than usual. Here are the 10 best Christmas gifts you can offer that friend of family member while during recovery from foot surgery.

10. Entertainment

What person on the go has time to sit at home? None! But when your friend or family member is forced into staying home more for recovery from foot surgery, they are going to get bored really fast. Get them a magazine subscription, some books from the library, or a TV series DVD. Help them enjoyther down time as much as possible.

9. Meals

Everyone has to eat. When your friend is down to just one foot, pulling meals together for them and their family can be a challenge. Offer to bring some nutritious meals the whole family will enjoy so they do not have to worry about even ordering take out. You might want to stick a few in the freezer for another night too.

8. Cast Coverz

If they have a cast , one of the best presents you can give is one or more Cast Coverz. These covers fit right over her cast and can either make it fit into her outfit better or stand out, depending on her personality. There are endless colors and patterns from which to choose.

7. Company

Sometimes, a person who is used to being out and about most of the time gets awfully lonely very quickly when stuck at home. When kids are in school, one of the best things you can do for her is come over, chat, and catch them up on the things they might have missed.

6. Errands

Some people may find the best way to get around on crutches is to not get around on crutches at all. Being out during the winter months can be dangerous for someone recovering from surgery. Give them a book of coupons that they redeem from you any time. Offer to make trips to the grocery store and whatever else they might need done that requires getting out during their recovery.

5. Shower Safety Tools

Taking a shower is one of the most dangerous necessary parts of the recovery process. It can be hard enough on two feet, much less two! Give your friend a safe shower by wrapping up a shower stool and a couple of grab bars. You can even throw in some of her favorite shampoo!

4. Child care

It can be hard to care for children even when mom or dad is at her best, much less when they are on one foot and trying to work on recovery from foot surgery. Offer to take the kids off their hands for an afternoon or even overnight. They might not be getting out much either and would probably be thrilled at the idea of a movie or dinner somewhere other than home!

3. Comfy Cozy Toe Warmer

Winter is chilly, that’s all there is to it. Imagine having toes sticking out of a cast all season! Stretching socks over it is hard to do and doesn’t really help the cold toe issue. The Comfy Cozy Toe warmer, though, feels like a slipper and is easy to put on and take off.

2. Help around the house

A parent that stays home and works on stuff around the house all day everyday still probably doesn’t get it all done. A parent on one foot really has to let things slide. Offer to come in and throw in a load or two of laundry, clean the bathrooms, or even put up some decorations. Your friend will appreciate the help and the company.

1. Alternative Mobility Device

When you give a person back their mobility, you are giving her the best gift you can imagine. Either buy or rent a Seated Scooter or Knee Scooter for that friend or look up information on all of the options, including the iWALKFree Hands Free Crutch and let her choose. They will be able to do a lot more and recovery from foot surgery will feel like a breeze compared to her experience on crutches.